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Namaste and welcome to my page!

Shelley, a dedicated Bhakti yoga practitioner has been playing music, singing, and teaching yoga for years. When life allowed for her to follow her passion, Localokah Kirtan was formed.Localokah is dedicated to spreading positive vibrations through their music, creating a space for mindfulness, peace, and joy. With a fusion of traditional kirtan elements and contemporary influences, Localokah offers a refreshing and accessible approach to mantra music, making it suitable for audiences of all backgrounds and levels of familiarity with yoga and meditation.

 Shelley routinely plays with her beloved Bhakti buddies and beautiful talented musicians, Cindy David- vocals and bass, and Kristina Machusick-vocals and flute, and John Protopapas- percussion and sitar, making this

experience full of love and devotion!

We offer heartfelt original mantra music, with English lyrics blended with ancient sacred Sanskrit Mantra. We blend a folky singer-songwriter style of music, full of dreamy harmonies, with some traditional Eastern elements, including acoustic guitar, bass, harmonium, flute, tabla, djembe and frame drum. We believe that the ripple of love that exudes from a Kirtan can be felt around the world!

Localokah can be seen at festivals in Pennsylvania and in the Eastern US, and have also shared kirtan at yoga studios, private events and even India!

Please check out their first album, What I Found,  on your favorite streaming server.

Thank you for reading. Bhakti is Life!

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